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Traveling Popular 2022 Calendar

Traveling Popular 2022 Calendar – Prepare for your next vacation in the Philippines with this detailed list and calendars of all regular public holidays, special working and non-working days, long weekends and important festivals and events in the Philippines for 2022.

Make a checklist, plan vacations with family and friends, and organize tour packages all over the Philippines with the help of this guide that features celebrations in the Philippines every month. Also, you may want to schedule your visit to top Philippine tourist spots and important Philippine festivals and events for a much more enriching and immersive trip. Be sure to check the updated travel requirements in the Philippines and the best hotels in the Philippines to book when planning your trip to the destinations.

Traveling Popular 2022 Calendar

Traveling Popular 2022 Calendar

What to do this long weekend: Celebrate Chinese New Year by dressing in red and putting up decorations, cooking delicious food for the family such as Chinese New Year cake (homemade tikoy), lighting firecrackers while dancing with dragons and more traditions.

Events Worth Travelling For In 2022

What to do this long weekend: Commemorate the day Filipinos came together and joined EDSA to reclaim democracy through social media and face-to-face (according to events organized by various parties).

What to do this long weekend: Pray, contemplate and repent this Holy Week by visiting various churches and religious sites. You can join the pilgrimage tours for a hassle-free Visita Iglesia experience.

What to do this long weekend: To learn more about the lives of our national heroes, you can visit their hometowns or join museum tours that showcase their legacy. For example, if you want to know more about Emilio Aguinaldo, visit the Aguinaldo Shrine and Museum. Check out the best resorts in Cavite where you can also stay.

What to do this week: Celebrate the festival commemorating the conception of the sinless mother Mary by joining religious processions, dances and cultural events, visiting the church and more.

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Start planning your vacation by reading articles about Philippine destinations you’re interested in visiting, searching for some of the most popular tours and experiences, and making a travel itinerary for your next Philippines getaway.

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Traveling Popular 2022 Calendar

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