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Traveling Popular 2022 3d Model

Traveling Popular 2022 3d Model – TAMPA, Fla. – A virtual model of Tampa is the latest tool developers are using to help the city grow.

“It’s a 3D-printed, projection-mapped table that really represents a digital twin — so everything that exists in the physical world exists in this digital environment,” said Johan Koch, senior vice president of marketing and communications at Strategic Property Partners. .

Traveling Popular 2022 3d Model

Traveling Popular 2022 3d Model

A 1.7-mile virtual slice of the center exists as a development tool at the offices of Strategic Property Partners. It is Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Winnick’s group that is responsible for the ongoing Water Street Development.

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Using 5k projectors, it can highlight everything from new buildings, public transport and parks at the push of a button.

“We can take that data and look at trends,” Koch said. “So we can see where things are going with the city’s infrastructure, population data and information, and that helps illustrate where and where we’re going to do that in future phases.”

From the virtual world to the real world, the growth that Tampa has seen over the past few years is unmistakable, and there’s more to come.

“When you look north of the project, you’ll see some of our assets that have yet to be developed and reviewed, but ultimately, it’s on our roadmap,” he said.

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And when the second phase of Water Street takes shape in the next decade, Tampa’s renaissance is far from over.

“I think this ground is booming and the attention that Tampa has gotten is really an opportunity for us to highlight all the amazing things that have been here,” Koch said.

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