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How To Overcome Laptop Loading Every

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It seems like your computer only freezes in the middle of the most important tasks, right? If your computer has slowed to a near-crawl — or stopped responding entirely — here’s how to fix the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.

How To Overcome Laptop Loading Every

How To Overcome Laptop Loading Every

If you’re doing a particularly CPU-intensive task, sometimes things will freeze for a while, making you think your laptop is permanently frozen when it’s not. If your computer seems to be completely blocked, give it a few minutes to catch up and finish.

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You’d be surprised how many times this actually works, especially if it’s a random occurrence (rather than a chronic problem). Similarly, make sure your mouse is working properly – it could be that the mouse has just disconnected or the batteries have died, giving the illusion that your computer is freezing.

If Windows won’t restore (or freezes again after a restore), it’s time to break out the old faithful: Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Press this combination on your keyboard and select Task Manager on the resulting screen to see a list of running programs. Mac users can use Command + Option + Escape to open a similar menu.

If one of them does not respond, select it and click the End Task button. If you’re dealing with an isolated incident, that should be all you need. Your operating system should come back to attention as soon as you close the program and you can restart it to continue working.

However, if your computer always seems to freeze when this program is running, you may need to uninstall it and find an alternative. If the program is so intensive that it is running out of resources, you may need to upgrade your hardware.

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Sometimes your computer works fine but your browser gets stuck on a certain page. And when so much of what we do on computers is confined to the browser, it feels like your whole computer freezes, even though it might just be the page you’re currently on. In these scenarios, Windows Task Manager may tell you that your browser is not responding, but you need to dig deeper to get more information about the cause.

In Chrome and Edge, press Shift + Esc to display the browser’s Task Manager. In Firefox, you can click the menu button and go to More Tools > Task Manager. This will show you the various processes running in your browser, which can give you information about which page or extension may be freezing, or which are using a lot of CPU and memory.

You may also have a common extension conflict – for example, I recently had problems with the Grammarly extension constantly freezing Google Docs – so try turning off all browser extensions to see if that fixes the problem. Hopefully the developers will release a fix like Grammarly seems to have done.

How To Overcome Laptop Loading Every

If you can’t even open Task Manager, your computer is truly bricked and the only way to get it moving again is a hard reset. Press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down, then press the power button again to boot from scratch.

Bsod Every Boot. (0xfffffa8004d37cd0 0xffffffffc0000185) Windows 10 Forums

If you were working on something important at the time of the freeze, you may be able to recover it depending on the program and how it handles unsaved documents. For example, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint automatically save backups as you work, and you can often restore them the next time you open the program. You can also go to File > Info > Manage Documents > Restore Unsaved Document.

It may not always work, but it’s worth a try – try to see if the program crashed and if it has a similar function. If it doesn’t, you may unfortunately be stuck doing this job again.

If you still can’t determine the cause of the lockup, you’ll need to do some more troubleshooting. In these situations, I recommend checking the Windows Reliability Monitor – it’s a lesser-known error reporting tool hidden in the Windows settings. Open the Start menu, search for “reliability” and click the View reliability history option that appears.

You’ll see a graph of your computer’s reliability over time, with crash logs and other issues, along with updates and newly installed apps. If you find the error listed around the same time your freezing problem started, Reliability Monitor will give you the option to view technical details or search the Microsoft database for a solution to the problem. These details may include some error codes that you can look up for more information. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s database rarely works, but it’s something you can try.

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If that doesn’t help, you can also use the graph to see what apps or updates were installed before the freeze started. If a new program or update appears to be the cause, try using System Restore to return your computer to its pre-installation state.

If your computer freezes followed by a crash and a sad blue screen of death, you may be able to find more information about the cause of your problems. A QR code and a blue screen “Stop Code” are decent starting points for your research, but they rarely tell you everything.

That’s why I recommend also checking out BlueScreenView (Opens in a new window) , a free tool that reads the “dump file” your computer creates during a crash and displays it in a slightly nicer way. (The download links are at the bottom of this page; a bit hard to find). It’s still pretty technical, but you can scroll horizontally to see which driver or device caused the crash, as well as other codes you can look up and try to find the culprit.

How To Overcome Laptop Loading Every

The makers of BlueScreenView also have a number of other tools for diagnosing freezes and crashes, such as WhatIsHang (opens in a new window) and AppCrashView (opens in a new window) that might be worth checking out. Again, System Restore can help here when trying to fix the problem.

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While System Restore should be able to fix a lot of problems, I’ve found that it can’t always fix certain quirks that can be harder to spot. For example, my computer recently started freezing constantly after I updated my graphics card. It turned out that this was probably due to some leftover components from the old driver that were conflicting, and running Display Driver Uninstaller (Opens in a new window) (DDU) in safe mode was enough to fix the problem.

If you’ve recently installed some new hardware, try uninstalling its drivers—or uninstalling the drivers from the old hardware you just replaced—and see if you can fix the problem. In particular, DDU is a great tool for graphics and sound drivers that interfere with each other.

As with all computer errors, it never hurts to run a malware scan to see if something malicious is causing your problems – especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Grab a free scanner like Malwarebytes and let it comb your hard drive and see if anything comes up. If you run into trouble, check out our guide on how to rid your computer of malware.

A failed hard drive can cause crashes and other similar issues, so check the hard drive status during the scan as well. You can do it on the fly

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At the command line, but for more detailed health information I recommend running CrystalDiskInfo (opens in a new window) for Windows (free) or DriveDx (opens in a new window) for macOS ($20 with a free trial). If this tool shows your drive as anything other than “OK”, that may be the cause of your problems and you’ll want to replace that drive later.

Excessive heat can often cause – ironically – your computer to freeze, so if this problem keeps coming up, your cooling may be to blame. Install a temperature monitor such as Core Temp (Opens in a new window), configure its options to display the temperature in the notification area, and move this icon from the context panel to the taskbar so that it is always visible.

The next time your computer freezes, you can take a quick look at the Core Temp icon to see if heat might be your problem. If the temperature is 90 degrees Celsius or higher, it is almost certain that your computer is overheating.

How To Overcome Laptop Loading Every

Watch out for a loud fan that could tell you your computer is overheating. Clean all the dust from the computer with a high-pressure duster (Opens in a new window) . Make sure your fan is actually working – if any of them aren’t spinning, you may have a bad bearing and need to replace the fan.

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Bad memory can also be the culprit behind frozen computers, so if you suspect you have failing RAM, it’s time to run some tests. Open the Start menu and search for “Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.” It will restart your computer and test your memory and notify you if it finds any problems. Should you

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